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                GROWTH. TRANSFER. LEGACY.

Exit Planning Exchange Atlanta Launches in April 2019!

Welcome to the XPX Atlanta! At the hub of the Southeastern United States business community, XPX Atlanta is ideally positioned to serve an extremely high concentration of family and privately-held businesses. Our board, membership, and sponsors are comprised of a high quality network of advisors and service providers focused upon collaboration and placing the clients’ interest at the center of all that we do.

We are actively recruiting both members and sponsors. Please contact David Shavzin, Eric Togneri, or Bob Tankesley for more information.

Learn more about our membership benefits and options[DOC]. 


XPX Atlanta delivers a collaborative-based networking exchange, broad representation of exit planning competencies, and a bridge spanning value-building, value transfer, and life-legacy for business owners.


XPX Atlanta is fundamentally changing the trajectory of exit planning services in the Southeast United States.


Work Collaboratively
Put the Client First
Think Long Term

Consider the Human Angle

Always be Learning

XPX is all about collaboration, learning and building relationships on behalf of our clients. XPX members are professional service providers who assist with business value growth, exit and succession planning, business value transfer, and business owner life and legacy. XPX Members put their clients first by collaborating with their advisory teams through all stages of the company’s life cycle.

Meet our Founders

Meet our Launch Sponsors


If you would like to learn about becoming a sponsor of the Atlanta chapter of the Exit Planning Exchange, please download our Sponsor Opportunities information sheet. 

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