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2021 CASE

XPX Atlanta Case Series - There is a better way

The XPX way. In 2021, we'll be exploring "How to XPX." Get ready for an adventure of guiding a "client" through the rapids and eddies of getting him and his business on the market to sell, warts and all. Unlike other trusted advisors, we'll all work together through the coming year -- collaboratively -- the XPX way -- as we help our owner navigate the waters of practical business realities and the turbulence of the all-too-human factors that come into play. Experience real-life situations ripped from the headlines of true exit planning dramas. Put on your PFDs and join us!

January - Case Introduction

Here are the supporting documents for the January discussion:

January Synopsis.pdf

January Scenario 2020-01.pptx

ACME Script - January Final.pdf

February - Getting the Launch Codes

Join us for the next chapter of our business owner's journey towards a successful exit. The advisory team is being assembled, but where’s the "road map" for the trek ahead? Hear from experts on how an appropriately crafted baseline business review can provide the “launch codes” for an effective action plan that boosts value in the eyes of a potential buyer -- and provides a cornerstone for the entire exit planning process.

Here are the supporting documents for the February discussion:

February Synopsis.pdf

February MC Slides.pptx

Acme Fitness Distributors, Inc. - Financial Statements.pdf

ACME Script - Feb Final.pdf

Hern Slides.pptx

Magee Slides.pptx

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