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Past events

July 27, 2017 XPX Tri-State CT Hartford Year End Party
July 19, 2017 XPX Tri-State CT: Closing Cocktail Party
June 21, 2017 XPX Tri-State CT (Hartford) - Planning for the Exit
June 16, 2017 XPX Tri-State CT: Assessing Strategic Options
June 13, 2017 XPX CT Hartford & ACG CT Event, June 13th - Yard Goats Game - Register Today!
May 19, 2017 XPX Tri-State CT: Good Fences Make Good Neighbors
May 17, 2017 XPX Tri-State CT (Hartford) - Good Fences Make Good Neighbors
April 21, 2017 XPX Tri-State CT: Financing Growth Part 2
April 19, 2017 XPX Tri-State CT (Hartford) - Financing Growth
March 17, 2017 XPX Tri-State CT: Financing Growth Part 1
March 15, 2017 XPX Tri-State CT (Hartford) - Financing Growth Part 1
February 15, 2017 XPX Tri-State CT: Using LinkedIn to Grow your business
February 03, 2017 XPX Tri-State CT: Successful Exits
January 20, 2017 XPX Tri-State CT: Operations
December 16, 2016 XPX Tri-State CT: Focus on Growth
November 18, 2016 XPX Tri-State CT: Managing Management
October 21, 2016 XPX Tri-State CT: Creating a Strategic Plan to Maximize Value
September 16, 2016 XPX Tri-State CT: Case Study
July 20, 2016 XPX CT: Closing Cocktail Party!
June 23, 2016 XPX CT: Deepening Your Referral Connections
June 17, 2016 XPX CT: Legal Documents
May 20, 2016 XPX CT: Due Diligence Preparation and Pitfalls
April 22, 2016 XPX CT: The Next Big Idea
March 18, 2016 XPX CT: Investment Banking Process
February 05, 2016 XPX CT: Successful Exit Stories - Joint Meeting with ACG CT
January 22, 2016 XPX CT: Business Valuations
December 18, 2015 XPX CT: Estate Planning Options
November 20, 2015 XPX CT: Wealth Management Planning
October 16, 2015 XPX CT: Managing Family Dynamics – How can the family prepare for success?
September 18, 2015 XPX CT - Breakfast Meeting

Chapter Events

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The most valuable part of my participation with XPX is the education about exit planning that I have received from attending meetings and from all the members. XPX is a very approachable group. Everyone is willing and interested in an exchange of ideas. I especially like the Power of Three which enables you to get to know other members better.

Dick Albu, Albu Consulting LLC

I really enjoy the small group interactions at XPX which is different from other organizations. I have also received an engagement from a XPX member.

Alan Booth, Executive Leadership Advisor

XPX offers excellent content based seminars specifically geared towards professionals focusing on the sale or transition of a business. The diverse topics and membership provide strong networking opportunities. Both the targeted content and diverse membership, focusing on bringing advisors together as a team to help the client, help XPX stand out from other organizations.

Michael Clear, Wiggin and Dana

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