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D.C. Metro Meeting Locations

Our events are held the 3rd Thursday of the month from 7:30 – 9:30 AM, except in August and December. We alternate meeting places between the Tower Club in Virginia, and Bethesda Country Club in Maryland.


Tower Club, 8000 Towers Crescent, Suite 1700, Vienna, VA (January, March, May, July, October).

Bethesda Country Club - The Bethesda Room - 7601 Bradley Blvd, Bethesda, MD (February, April, June, September, November).  Please park in the lot behind the main entrance.


One of our Chapter’s most popular offerings is our members-only Power Networking Program.  We bring together small groups of members who arrange for themselves a number of get-togethers that fit their needs, so members from various business and professional disciplines can meet and more thoughtfully become acquainted with their fellow members and their approaches to providing value to their customers and clients.  We re-shuffle the groups two to three times per year. Many of our members participate in multiple groups over time so they have a chance for a deep dive with members across the Chapter.  Interested in learning more? 

Please contact:

Jan Ridgely

Email: jan@unitedcharitable.org

Telephone: (571) 620-3002

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XPX is a unique multi-disciplinary community of professional advisors who work collaboratively to help owners build valuable businesses and assist them in preparing and executing a successful transition.

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Since the DC Chapter of XPX was founded in my office several years ago, I have believed in the concept:  create a hangout for professionals involved in helping companies with their exit...-Eddie Snyder

In just over one year of membership, I have gained not only a network, but a welcoming community of like-minded professionals, whose primary goal is to bring their deep knowledge, skill, and integrity to those they serve...-Beth Berman, Certified WHY and Compellications™ (Compelling Communications) Coach, Speaker, & Consultant

The main things I value at XPX are growth and learning in a business space with professionals and great connections on a peer level providing a very positive experience.-Jan Ridgely - Executive Director United Charitable Programs

The networking at XPX (in both MD and DC Metro) is excellent.  I love meeting the attendees, especially in the professional services market.   It is a wonderful venue to meet and see people a number of times over a period of time...-Brooke Tucker – Managing Director and  Valuation Firm Principal

I enjoy interacting and keeping current with other members. I greatly value the in-depth learning content and it is more varied than I experience at other networking organizations...-Riyad Said- Managing Member and Chief Investment Officer at TA Capital Management, LLC

At XPX, I find really great people to network with, and I enjoy being able to prospect with a cadre of experienced and accomplished high level advisors, at one location, where you can learn about their expertise at a much deeper level... -Bob Cohen - CPA, Wealth Planner, Expert in Taxation and M&A, Corporate Division & Reorganization, Partnerships, Retirement Planning

XPX provides me the opportunity to stay in front of potential referral sources, meet new ones, and present useful info. I like that it is more informal and personal than other networking/learning organizations. -Ted Lauer - Access National Bank VP SVP & Manager - Leveraged Finance at Access National Bank

As a founder of this chapter, I am very pleased with its progress and where the board has taken it.  The networking and communication between the members could not be better... -Herb Ezrin – Principal M&A Firm President at Potomac Business Group, assisting Business Owner

With the DC Metro XPX membership, I have gained many valuable relationships with trusted advisors in a variety of B2B related businesses. From outsourced CFO’s to specialized M&A consultants...-Eddie Tuvin –Vice President – Business, Medical, SBA & Commercial Banking at Wells Fargo

XPX members are top notch, leaders in their respective fields. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that they readily share in very open and friendly forums.  Other organizations I have been a part of were not this way. The level of professionalism, yet sincere desire to collaborate is unmatched, and I have developed promising contacts and received referrals as a result of my in involvement in XPX. -Cecilia R. Jones, Esq., Press & Dozier, LLC


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