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Since the DC Chapter of XPX was founded in my office several years ago, I have believed in the concept:  create a hangout for professionals involved in helping companies with their exit.  From that moment, XPX has grown and flourished and attracted a large group of top notch pros in this space.  When we meet, we are collaborators and support each other with ideas and referrals.  Our firm has obtained business and referred business through XPX.  The meetings are filled with high level content, and the networking is superior (and fun).  I highly recommend XPX to advisors working with entrepreneurs interested in selling their business or passing it to family and others within the business.

-Eddie Snyder

In just over one year of membership, I have gained not only a network, but a welcoming community of like-minded professionals, whose primary goal is to bring their deep knowledge, skill, and integrity to those they serve.  Repeated exposure to these new friends yields an environment where referrals happen and where my expertise is valued as members appreciate how my work builds company value toward an eventual exit. 

The power groups and monthly learning/networking sessions have led to deep and powerful relationships. I’ve led and participated in other networking efforts, and there is simply no comparison to the level of engagement at XPX.

-Beth Berman, Certified WHY and Compellications™ (Compelling Communications) Coach, Speaker, & Consultant

 The main things I value at XPX are growth and learning in a business space with professionals and great connections on a peer level providing a very positive experience. XPX is a strong organization and serves as a powerful professional entryway.  I’m extremely motivated to remain at XPX and deepen my support for the group – as demonstrated by my volunteering on multiple committees!

I enjoy XPX because it is subject-matter focused, and, unlike BNI and other networking environments, there is no pressure to perform.  For me, it is a rich source of potential business partners and is different from anything else I’m involved in.

-Jan Ridgely - Executive Director United Charitable Programs

The networking at XPX (in both MD and DC Metro) is excellent.  I love meeting the attendees, especially in the professional services market.   It is a wonderful venue to meet and see people a number of times over a period of time.  We gain trust and that pays off in business.  Our business is word of mouth, and we have benefitted through XPX.  Persistent marketing and follow-up are necessary, as in all referrals, but XPX referrals are generally well-qualified.

The presentations provide good, quality learning experiences. XPX is different in that it focuses on exit planning and covers broad enough topics that it can generate a great deal of interest from a variety of people. For anyone looking at long term network development this is a real pleasure to be in at end of the day.

 It brings together lots of different disciplines that other organizations do not, including estate attorneys, corporate and general business attorneys, tax, accounting people, wealth managers in CPA firms and insurance people - all in the wealth management business – 8 different strata from bankers and financial planning advisors to consultants, etc.  As each chapter matures, it becomes a community of individuals.  I especially enjoy one-on- one’s and small group meetings.

-Brooke Tucker – Managing Director and  Valuation Firm Principal

I enjoy interacting and keeping current with other members. I greatly value the in-depth learning content and it is more varied than I experience at other networking organizations. XPX also differs from other groups in its tight focus on succession and exit planning, and in its focus on developing more intimate/deeper relationships, especially via its power networking and professional development activities.

At XPX, I have developed new and deepened existing relationships, and I have received several introductions to prospective clients.  My acceptance as incoming Chapter President indicates my confidence in and the value I derive from participating in XPX.  Simply said, XPX is becoming the "go-to" organization for business owners and other advisors seeking expertise and advisors for succession and exit planning engagements.

-Riyad Said- Managing Member and Chief Investment Officer at TA Capital Management, LLC

At XPX, I find really great people to network with, and I enjoy being able to prospect with a cadre of experienced and accomplished high level advisors, at one location, where you can learn about their expertise at a much deeper level   People at XPX tend to be more worldly not only due to the nature of the M&A biz – since they hail from multiple disciplines – but also generally have years of experience. 

XPX differs from other networking learning orgs in that it maintains a heavy focus on education but also is a group where pure professionalism is weighed more highly than just prospecting, with experienced professionals looking to gain an understanding of what you do and how you do it as opposed to just making a sale.

I have developed multiple tax engagements, clients and prospects, but more importantly I value the fantastic relationships that I know over time will not only produce lots of new business but enable me to confidently refer to others e.g., attorneys  in the group--  and enable me to look good when I recommend.  I love going to XPX for the social side, for the power networking groups –one of mine splintered off into an ongoing mastermind group sharing business ideas and mindfully addressing challenges – and, of course, the learning.

-Bob Cohen - CPA, Wealth Planner, Expert in Taxation and M&A, Corporate Division & Reorganization, Partnerships, Retirement Planning


XPX provides me the opportunity to stay in front of potential referral sources, meet new ones, and present useful info. I like that it is more informal and personal than other networking/learning organizations.

-Ted Lauer - Access National Bank VP SVP & Manager - Leveraged Finance at Access National Bank


As a founder of this chapter, I am very pleased with its progress and where the board has taken it.  The networking and communication between the members could not be better.  It is an intimate group, and while we wish to expand, I would not want more than 100 members.

XPX differs from other organizations because of the relationships that develop within it versus other groups which may not have engaged members.  XPX ids where you meet people and it does not end there.  I have developed business at XPX, made friends and good contacts for relationships and assistance.

-Herb Ezrin – Principal M&A Firm President at Potomac Business Group, assisting Business Owner

With the DC Metro XPX membership, I have gained many valuable relationships with trusted advisors in a variety of B2B related businesses. From outsourced CFO’s to specialized M&A consultants, CPA’s to the entrepreneurs seeking advice on growing or selling their business, XPX is a place where each of these meets monthly. The structure of XPX is more flexible than similar organizations I have been affiliated with in the past and from my perspective one of the best values for the cost. The obvious purpose of joining is for the learning experience and business development. The speakers are engaging and high level. I think fellow professional members understand the business purpose and there is a healthy exchange back and forth of referrals amongst those members who work to earn each other’s mutual trust. 

-Eddie Tuvin –Vice President – Business, Medical, SBA & Commercial Banking at Wells Fargo

XPX members are top notch, leaders in their respective fields. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that they readily share in very open and friendly forums.  Other organizations I have been a part of were not this way. The level of professionalism, yet sincere desire to collaborate is unmatched, and I have developed promising contacts and received referrals as a result of my in involvement in XPX.

-Cecilia R. Jones, Esq., Press & Dozier, LLC

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