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XPX Boston 2016 SUMMIT

  • April 28, 2016
  • 7:15 AM - 6:00 PM
  • The Conference Center at Waltham Woods, 860 Winter Street, Waltham, MA


From the Outside In
The Buyer’s Perspective on Business Value

Online registration is closed. WALK-IN registration will be available on Thursday.

XPX Members: $300
Non-members: $375

The vision of the Exit Planning Exchange is that every business owner will create sustainable, transferable value in their business. The 2016 XPX Summit’s theme “From the Outside In - A Buyer’s Perspective on Value” supports that vision. We’ve brought together more than a dozen vibrant speakers and panelists to enlighten and entertain business owners and their trusted advisors. 

We’re proud to present Christopher Oddleifson, the CEO of Rockland Trust, sharing how the bank has successfully identified and acquired a number of banks over the last several years. Dr. Daniel Korschun, the co-author of “We Are Market Basket” will share how the company created a culture focused on prioritizing stakeholders over shareholders, and in the process became an industry leader. There are a number of concurrent breakout sessions addressing areas where business owners can make changes that help their businesses grow today and increase their value down the road. 

7:15 - 7:45 AM: Registration, Networking & Continental Breakfast

7:45 - 8:00: Welcome

Buyer’s Perspective on Business Value

Christopher Oddleifson, CEO, Rockland Trust 
Daniel O'Brien, Partner and President, O’Brien, Riley, & Ryan, P.C.

After six strategic acquisitions in nine years, not many businesses in the region could better provide a buyer’s perspective on business value than Rockland Trust’s President and CEO Christopher Oddleifson and Board Member, Daniel O’Brien. In this dynamic and informative panel discussion, Mr. Oddleifson and Mr. O’Brien will share hands-on buyers experience evaluating potential acquisitions, due diligence on lessons learned, successfully integrating “new comers” to the Rockland Trust culture and how these lessons may apply to privately held businesses.

Session A
Are You Getting in Your Own Way?
How to Increase Your Business' Value by Reducing its Reliance on You, the Owner

Bob Delhome, Founder and President, Charter Contracting Company LLC
Tom O'Reilly
Jeffrey Ross, Glenoe Associates LLC

MODERATOR: Craig James, Chair, Vistage Worldwide

In this session, our panel of two current and one former owner will discuss the all-too-common phenomenon of "The Owner Is the Business"; the adverse affect this has on the valuation of the business, how they came to realize they suffered from this phenomenon, what they did to fix it, what the outcome (improvement) was, and advice for the audience on how to avoid falling victim to this phenomenon.

Session B
Leaving My Business – On My Timetable, To My Ideal Successor, and At My Price
John Brown, President, Business Enterprise Institute and Author

John Brown started his career in Exit Planning 30-plus years ago as an estate planning attorney. He created The Seven Step Exit Planning Process™ and successfully tested it on hundreds of his own business-owner clients. In 1990 he wrote How To Run Your Business So You Can Leave It In Style and in 2008 wrote Cash Out Move On: Get Top Dollar—and More—Selling Your Business. With hundreds of thousands of copies sold, John is the #1 selling author on Exit Planning for business owners. 2016 gives way to John’s latest release, Exit Planning: The Definitive Guide which lays out the steps business owners must take to achieve all of their aspirations as they exit their businesses.

John will share case studies from his own clients that illustrate how a step-by-step exit planning process can enable business owners to leave their business in the hands of the person they choose, when they want, and for the money they need.

Session C
When You Get to a Fork in the Road, Take it!
Jim Bourdon, CEO, Accounting Management Solutions
Emily Green, Former CEO, Smart Lunches, Inc.
Gary Harnum, Former Founder, CFO & CAO, i-parcel
Hilary Potts, CEO, The HAP Group

MODERATOR: Rudi Scheiber-Kurtz, CEO, Next Stage Solutions, Inc.

The only way you can follow Yogi Berra’s advice is to build value for your business today to achieve multiple options for your next stage. Whether you plan to acquire, form a key partnership, sell or pass the business onto a family member, you must de-risk your business and simultaneously create ongoing value. Our panelists will share their experience in how they prepared for their next stage and we will explore why Planning for the Future makes your business stronger today.

10:05 - 10:30: Networking Break

Session A

Are You Getting in Your Own Way?
How to Increase Your Business' Value by Reducing its Reliance on You, the Owner

Session C
When You Get to a Fork in the Road, Take it!
Session D
Will Unlimited Vacation Time and Allowing Dogs in the Workplace Increase the Value of Your Business?
Kristine Steinberg, Founder, Kismet Consulting
John Vetere, Principal, John M. Vetere Associates
Dave Will, Former CEO & Founder, Peach New Media

MODERATOR: Paul Cronin, COO, Successful Transition Planning Institute

Our panelists use culture to drive strategic change and increase enterprise value. You will hear the story of a software company that allowed employees to bring their dogs to work and offered unlimited vacation and was recently sold to a private equity firm. Two very experienced culture consultants will discuss their experience helping businesses strategically improve or change culture, as a tool to reach specific outcomes. 

11:35 - 12:25 PM: Lunch

12:30 - 1:30: KEYNOTE SPEAKER
Selling the Legacy Business While Preserving the Family Enterprise

Caleb White, Partner, The Newport Board Group, Former CEO, Ensign-Bickford Industries, Inc.
Caleb White will share the story of how Ensign-Bickford Industries, Inc. (EBI) transformed itself from the #3 player in its original commercial explosives business to a new portfolio of market-leading, niche businesses. The presentation will not only chronical EBI’s successful sale of its legacy business and its transformation to a more balanced portfolio of manufacturing companies, but will also outline three keys to survival across 180 years and 8 generations of ownership.

1:30 - 2:30: KEYNOTE SPEAKER
The Market Basket Lesson: The Enterprise Value of Leadership and Culture
Dr. Daniel Korschun, Co-author, We Are Market Basket
Associate Professor of Marketing, Drexel University
Fellow, Lebow Centers for Corporate Reputation and Corporate Governance

“By 9 a.m. thousands had congregated in the parking lot yards away from a Market Basket supermarket. The raucous crowd was a mix of part-time clerks, truck drivers, office workers, store directors, and senior managers from the corporate office. Also in the crowd were lifelong customers as well as suppliers of produce, fish and other goods. This was a business-stopping demonstration that spontaneously erupted in over 70 stores across 3 states."

Dr. Daniel Korschun, co-author of We Are Market Basket will share his firsthand accounts of what he and co-author Grant Welker learned from the streets and executive suites as they studied and documented the unprecedented Market Basket story while it erupted and unfolded during the summer of 2014. He will address the impact of leadership and culture on the success and resilience of an extended family business.

For 2014 The Boston Globe named Market Basket employees Bostonians of the Year: “The grocery chain’s 25,000 workers risked their jobs to support a benevolent leader and highlighted that a company formula of low prices and good wages can succeed…. They caught the attention of customers, governors, US labor secretaries past and present, CEOs and business scholars from all over.”

Forbes Magazine has named We Are Market Basket one of the top business books for 2015.

Session B

Leaving My Business – On My Timetable, To My Ideal Successor, and At My Price

Session E
Is Certification For You?
Brianna Clifford, Director of Operations and Business Development, Pinnacle Equity Solutions
Jared Johnson, Director of Business Development, Business Enterprise Institute
Ken Sanginario, Alliance of M&A Advisors

MODERATOR: Mary Adams, Founder of Smarter-Companies Inc.

It’s an exciting sign of the maturity of the private company/exit planning market that there are today multiple options for professional certification. We felt it was past time to shine some light on this learning and business development opportunity for the XPX network. So we assembled what we believe to be the first-ever panel discussion that includes representatives of organizations that offer major certification for advisors that work with private companies. The panelists will share stories from their networks in order to give you an overview of the market and help you understand:

  • Why should you consider certification?
  • How do the programs work?
  • What are the benefits for your business?
  • Will your client care?

3:35 - 3:50: Break

3:50 - 4:50: KEYNOTE SPEAKER
Passionate Teams Drive Growth Today and Value Tomorrow
Joel Acevedo, Expert on Culture and Leadership Development

Joel started his career as a computer engineer out of MIT, but he has spent the last twenty years focused on Employee Engagement. How can the business culture inspire teams, from executives to front line workers, to find passion in their work and use these passions to create sustainable, transferable value in the business? Joel will wrap up the 2016 XPX Summit with an engaging presentation that highlights how culture and leadership drive growth today and create value for the next owner.

4:50 - 5:00: Closing Remarks

5:00 - 6:00: Cocktails & Networking

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