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The Exit Planning Exchange Fairfield County Chapter holds events throughout the Fairfield County. 

Our association events promote peer learning, networking and visibility for our members in the local private company advisor community.  Topics cover all three phases of the private company life cycle: business value growth, business value transfer and owner life and legacy. 

View our full Tri-State Calendar for additional events in Hartford CT as well as New York and New Jersey.

Upcoming events

    • November 01, 2020
    • (EDT)
    • Virtual this month - coordinate details with your assigned group


    DEADLINE TO SIGN UP IS november 1, 2020 AT 4:00 PM ET

    This month's suggested discussion topic:

    Share a collaboration story where you've worked successfully with advisor(s) to deliver better outcomes for your client

    XPX Members rely on each other for advice and connections. This program helps spark virtual conversations in our network.

    Here's how the Power Networking works:

    • We'll match you with a group of around five fellow members of from other XPX Chapters
    • We'll try to balance members from different professions (Accountant, Attorney, Banker, Wealth Advisor, Consultant, etc)
    • Your group can set the virtual meeting for any time in the morning, afternoon or over cocktails
    • Your only commitment is to meet with your group at least once during the month for at least an hour. If the group decides to meet more than once, all the better
    The Power of 5 is just one more way we fulfill the promise of XPX of powerful inter-disciplinary connections and learning. You might even find a great resource for your clients!

    When you register, let us know if you have an account to host video conferencing for your group for at least a full hour.

    Questions?  Please contact us directly by clicking on our names listed below.

    See you soon!

    Stephen Ronan, XPX CT Fairfield Power of Five Chair

    Brian Fischer, XPX CT Hartford Power of Five Chair

    Cross-Chapter Program also available for those who are interested

    • November 17, 2020
    • 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM (EST)
    • Virtual - connection details sent upon registration

    The Exit Planning Exchange (“XPX”) Tri-State - covering New York (New York City & Long Island), Connecticut (Fairfield & Hartford), and New Jersey - is holding a regional Zoom event from 4-6PM on Tuesday, November 17, 2020. This is truly a “go to” meeting with core coverage areas including:

    The state of the economy and business environment, nationally and regionally.

    Wealth planning, the corresponding tax implications and how the specific factors play into the merger & acquisition environment as we close out 2020 and leading into 2021.

    Our Speaker

    Philip J. Lane is an associate professor of economics at Fairfield University

    Phil joined the University in 1981 as one two additions to the department to substitute for the retirement of Fr. William Hohmann, S.J. His undergraduate degree is from Providence College, his masters from Northeastern University and his Ph.D. from Tufts University, all in economics. Phil was the teacher of the year at Fairfield University and inducted into ASN in 1990. He was the chair of the department for 9 years. Phil has been a faculty member and mentor in the Ignatian Residential College for 15 years as well as serving as the academic director for 6 years. For the last 16 years, he has guided the University’s team in the College Fed Challenge at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York with the complete support of his department.

    The coverage areas will be followed by breakout sessions to facilitate interactive dialogue. And if that was not enough, we will close out the evening with a Zoom cocktail hour (unfortunately it is BYOB)!

    Please join our line-up of experts for this ‘rapid Fire” format:


    Each member is encouraged to bring a guest (FREE) for this event. Guests can be registered at the time of the member registration.

    • November 18, 2020
    • 10:50 AM - 11:30 AM (EST)
    • Virtual at 11 AM EDT - you'll receive call-in instructions upon registering

    Virtual meeting at 11 AM ET

    Welcome to XPX!

    Please join us at this quick monthly web meeting with members from across the country and learn how to get the most out of your membership.

    You’ll learn:

    • Where to find the resources and information you need to be the best advisor
    • How to share content to increase your visibility in our community
    • How to maximize the effectiveness and visibility of your profile on our site
    • How to manage your profile, registrations and payments through the website

    Your guides will be Mary Adams, XPX Executive Director, and Angie Ellis, XPX Chapter Administrator.

    (We hold these meetings the third Wednesday of every month at 11 AM ET. If you can’t make this meeting, please let us know in the registration form and we’ll add you to next month’s meeting). Non-members welcome to listen in too!

Past events

October 23, 2020 XPX Fairfield & Hartford Joint Meeting: Case Study – Preparing Companies for the Exit: Getting the financial house in order
October 21, 2020 XPX Orientation
October 01, 2020 XPX Connecticut October Session Power of 5
September 25, 2020 XPX Fairfield - Where Are We Now? Advising Clients in the New Normal
September 16, 2020 XPX Orientation
September 01, 2020 XPX Connecticut September Session Power of 5
August 19, 2020 XPX Orientation
July 27, 2020 XPX CONNECTICUT VIRTUAL SUMMIT WEEK: July 27 - July 30, 2020
July 22, 2020 3rd Annual XPX CT & ACG CT - Beer Tasting!
July 15, 2020 XPX Orientation
July 01, 2020 XPX Connecticut July Session Power of 5
June 19, 2020 XPX Fairfield & Hartford Joint Meeting - Repositioning for the Future: Preparing to Emerge Stronger in the Post-Covid World
June 17, 2020 XPX Orientation
May 20, 2020 XPX Orientation
May 15, 2020 XPX Fairfield & Hartford Joint Meeting - Business Valuations in the Post-Covid World
April 29, 2020 XPX Advisor Exchange - EBITDAC, Disruption and Hiring Remotely
April 22, 2020 XPX Advisor Exchange
April 17, 2020 Virtual Event - XPX Fairfield - Covid-19: Reassessing the Exit Planning Environment
April 15, 2020 XPX Advisor Exchange - Supply Chains, Presenting Remotely and Business Value
April 15, 2020 XPX New Member Orientation
April 08, 2020 XPX Advisor Exchange - How to have difficult conversations
April 01, 2020 XPX Advisor Exchange - M&A, Employment law, Healthcare, Courage
March 25, 2020 XPX Advisor Forum
March 18, 2020 Virtual Meeting on Virtual Meetings
March 18, 2020 XPX New Member Orientation
February 19, 2020 XPX New Member Orientation
February 07, 2020 XPX Fairfield - Joint Event with ACG CT Breakfast Meeting
January 29, 2020 XPX TRI-STATE SUMMIT 2020 | NEW YORK CITY
January 15, 2020 XPX New Member Orientation
December 20, 2019 XPX Fairfield - Growth Strategies: Dealing with Disruption, Distraction and Division
December 18, 2019 XPX New Member Orientation
November 25, 2019 9th Annual CT Economic Forum | Keynote CT Governor Ned Lamont
November 15, 2019 XPX Fairfield - The Deal closed so what’s next? – Owner considerations for life after the transaction (management transition plan, owner legacy, charity)
November 13, 2019 XPX New Member Orientation
October 18, 2019 XPX Fairfield - Lamentations of Labor, Employment and Benefits Attorneys in the World of M&A
September 20, 2019 XPX Fairfield - The PE Playbook – How Investors Grow the Top and Bottom Line
July 17, 2019 XPX Fairfield: Closing Cocktail Party
June 21, 2019 XPX Fairfield - Building the Perfect Advisory Team
May 17, 2019 XPX Fairfield - Navigating the Digital Marketing Maze – How Advisors can Grow Their Professional Practice
April 12, 2019 XPX Fairfield - Transitioning to Insiders – Family Business Planning and Continuity
March 15, 2019 XPX Fairfield - Recapitalization as an Alternative to Selling
February 01, 2019 XPX Fairfield - Joint Event with ACG CT Breakfast Meeting: A Different Perspective on Exit Planning
January 18, 2019 XPX Fairfield - It's all about the people - How to enhance the management team
December 14, 2018 XPX Fairfield - ESOPs as a Succession Planning and Wealth Creation Tool for Business Owners
November 19, 2018 8th Annual CT Economic Forum | Presented by XPX CT, CTTMA & ACG CT
November 16, 2018 XPX Fairfield - Building the Perfect Advisory Team
October 19, 2018 XPX Fairfield -Defining Success: Exploring Owner Objectives with a Transition
September 21, 2018 XPX Fairfield - Current State of Capital Markets and Financing Options
July 18, 2018 XPX Fairfield: Closing Cocktail Party
May 18, 2018 XPX Fairfield - Tricks of the Trade from Investment Bankers
April 20, 2018 XPX Fairfield - Trust and Estate Planning: Helping Business Owners Keep What They Have Earned
March 16, 2018 XPX Fairfield - B2B Revenue Growth thru Social Media
February 02, 2018 XPX Fairfield - Joint Event with ACG CT Breakfast Meeting
January 19, 2018 XPX Fairfield - Operational Efficiencies
January 09, 2018 XPX Tri-State Cocktail Networking Reception
December 15, 2017 XPX Tri-State: Fairfield County - Strategic Options: What Makes the Most Sense
November 20, 2017 7th Annual CT Economic Forum | Presented by XPX CT & CTTM & ACG CT
November 17, 2017 XPX Tri-State: Fairfield County - Business Valuations: What is the business worth? And why?
October 20, 2017 XPX Tri-State: Fairfield County - Managing Family Dynamics:
September 15, 2017 XPX Tri-State: Fairfield County Case Introduction
July 19, 2017 XPX Tri-State CT: Closing Cocktail Party
June 16, 2017 XPX Tri-State CT: Assessing Strategic Options
May 19, 2017 XPX Tri-State CT: Good Fences Make Good Neighbors
April 21, 2017 XPX Tri-State CT: Financing Growth Part 2
March 17, 2017 XPX Tri-State CT: Financing Growth Part 1
February 03, 2017 XPX Tri-State CT: Successful Exits
January 20, 2017 XPX Tri-State CT: Operations

Chapter Events


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The most valuable part of my participation with XPX is the education about exit planning that I have received from attending meetings and from all the members. XPX is a very approachable group. Everyone is willing and interested in an exchange of ideas. I especially like the Power of Three which enables you to get to know other members better.

Dick Albu, Albu Consulting LLC

I really enjoy the small group interactions at XPX which is different from other organizations. I have also received an engagement from a XPX member.

Alan Booth, Executive Leadership Advisor

XPX offers excellent content based seminars specifically geared towards professionals focusing on the sale or transition of a business. The diverse topics and membership provide strong networking opportunities. Both the targeted content and diverse membership, focusing on bringing advisors together as a team to help the client, help XPX stand out from other organizations.

Michael Clear, Wiggin and Dana

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