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When you are working to launch a new Chapter, all the pages in the Leadership Collaborative can be helpful. However, this page provides focused resources and options for the startup phase. 


The Exit Planning Exchange is a learning community of and for professional advisors who work collaboratively to help owners build valuable businesses, assist them in preparing and executing a successful transition and ensuring the life and legacy they seek.

Each XPX Chapter is an independent, locally-controlled non-profit. But the Chapters and Members are also part of the network of all the XPX Chapters which is supported by XPX Global LLC.

Over the course of its first 10 years of development, the network has grown to 10 Chapters.  We have learned many lessons and have enshrined the best practices in this Startup Kit.  This resource is available to all the members of your Launch Team.  We give team members access as we become aware of them. Please contact us if there are others who should have access.


1 - Catalyst(s)

The Catalyst is the first person or small group of people who fit the XPX member profile[link] who see a need for XPX in their local market. Catalysts are often looking to leverage an opportunity such as a new market, new business/role, new mandate for business development, personal or professional changes. 

5 - Foundation Group

The Catalyst recruits the Foundation Group through a combination of personal conversations and face-to-face meetings.  It makes sense to invite a representative of each of the most common XPX professions to this group, such as an accountant, lawyer, M&A intermediary, banker and consultant. It's good practice to make sure one or two of the Foundation Group members have prior experience with non-profits and/or staring a new organization.  XPX Global can hold a briefing with this group at the appropriate time to support the messaging of the catalyst(s).

15 - Launch Committee

The Foundation Group invites potential Launch Committee members to an introductory meeting. This meeting will typically have 15-20 attendees. A good goal is to get at least one representative from each of the 12 professions represented in XPX.  Some duplication is to be expected in core professions (accountant, lawyer, M&A intermediary, banker and consultant). XPX Global can brief the group and then the Foundation Group can use the attached agenda and information sheets to plan the three jobs of the Launch Committee: 1-Recruit Launch Sponsors, 2-Recruit free Members, 3-Plan first events.

50 - Your First Events

Soon, you'll be on your way to your first event. A good target is to develop an email list of 500 and get 50 people to the first event. You'll introduce them to XPX and invite them to set up a free profile. 

You'll keep having events from then on. We'll still be behind you and work with you to continue to refine your events, membership and sponsorship efforts. 

In your first year, you'll also create an independent non-profit organization and open a bank account. Once this is in place, your Chapter and XPX Global will sign our standard agreement and you will begin operating as an independent local entity. 

Going forward, you'll continue to refine your model. You'll learn from other Chapters and become an active member of the Leadership Collaborative. With each new year, you'll continue to build the strength and size of your network. 

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