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The Exit Planning Exchange London Chapter is a local nonprofit association of advisors who provide professionalism, collaboration and education  to the heart of the middle market. Our members work with business owners in all stages of the private company life cycle: business value growth, business value transfer, and owner life and legacy.

XPX provides a unique combination of:


In this current Covid19 world in which we are living and working, our clients are in need of varied advice as what to do to survive today and move forward tomorrow.

XPX was actually founded right befoe the last financial crisis so the network understands businesses are looking for community and support. They need us and we need each other. So we want to jump start conversations in the network with two types of virtual collaboration sessions.

1. The Power of Perspectives
2. Pillar Expert Insight and Discussion

How it works
- For at least the next three to four months (June, July and Aug) we will be hosting two types of virtual collaborative sessions. They will give updates, insights, recommendation and take Q&A about topics related to Middle-Market and COVID-19.

1. Invited Middle-Market Experts Roundtable (30-40min with Q&A)
Advisor experts will be invited to give trends, updates, insights,  recommendations etc about the middle-market and/or their work-related business environment leading to a facilitated discussion and Q&A.

2. Pillar Expert Insight and Discussion (30-40min with Q&A)
An expert is invited to provide us with some education in their area of expertise relating to their current client work followed by facilitated discussion and Q&A.

- Two collaboration sessions will be held per month lasting between 30-40min and facilitated by an XPX UK committee member.  

- Participation is free and sign up is through the XPX UK website. If you participate during all three/four months you will have the opportunity to meet with other advisors.

- Virtual collaboration sessions will be held mid-morning coffee time from 11am to 11.50am BST. You can you can pop in or out when you want like your ‘local cafe’.

These collaborative sessions will help us all to get to know one another, discuss the issues we are encountering, and collectively perhaps come to some solutions for a client—and along the way, we will be directly fulfilling the promise of XPX.  And were one to refer a member of the group to a client as solution.

For those of you interested in participating in the June virtual collaboration sessions, please get back to us by June 4th so that we can put together a preliminary participant list.

Virtual Collaboration Session Dates
- June 11th and 25th (Thursday)
- July 9th and 30th (Thursday)
- August 13th and 27th (Thursday)


Welcome to the XPX London! We're really excited to start the first transition/exit focused community in the U.K. (and possibly Europe!).

London and the U.K. are full of the same opportunities as the U.S. serving to educate and create value for privately owned business and transition/exit experts.

We recently had a video presentation with XPX Global (U.S.). Mary Adams (Executive Director) and Paul Cronin (Director of Business Development) gave London a high level strategic overview of what XPX is about and answered questions.

In the next weeks more will be available about specific London/UK market transition information, intelligence and opportunities.

Feel free to contact me to join the conversation, John Grisby


If you are an advisor to owners and managers of companies in the lower middle market, XPX can be a powerful learning network for you! Our members represent twelve different professions but share core principles of collaboration, putting the client first, thinking long term, considering the human angle and continuous learning. 

Learn more about our membership benefits and options. 

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Funding Growth - Exploring diverse options Event - September 26, 2019

Launch Event at EQ Investors, Centennium House, 100 Lower Thames Street, London - June 4, 2019

The UK/London Exit-Transition Market Opportunity

Advisor Professions

Our diverse membership includes:




M&A Intermediaries 






Virtual Managers 

Insurance providers

Wealth Planners

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Advisor Principles

We are united by shared principles:

  1. Work collaboratively
  2. Put the client first
  3. Think long term
  4. Consider the human angle
  5. Always be learning

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The most valuable part of my participation with XPX is the education about exit planning that I have received from attending meetings and from all the members. XPX is a very approachable group. Everyone is willing and interested in an exchange of ideas. I especially like the Power of Three which enables you to get to know other members better.

Dick Albu, Albu Consulting LLC

I really enjoy the small group interactions at XPX which is different from other organizations. I have also received an engagement from a XPX member.

Alan Booth, Executive Leadership Advisor

XPX offers excellent content based seminars specifically geared towards professionals focusing on the sale or transition of a business. The diverse topics and membership provide strong networking opportunities. Both the targeted content and diverse membership, focusing on bringing advisors together as a team to help the client, help XPX stand out from other organizations.

Michael Clear, Wiggin and Dana

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