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We invite you to consider membership in XPX Maryland.

XPX is a unique multi-disciplinary community of professional advisors who work collaboratively to help owners build valuable businesses and assist them in preparing and executing a successful transition. We welcome qualified individuals and firms that support private companies and their owners. The diversity of our membership is visible in our Marketplace (check it out and imagine adding your name and expertise there!)

Membership in XPX is subject to approval of a submitted application and requires:

  • Two references, with at least one of them being an active XPX member from an organization other than the applicant’s organization; and the second from an XPX Maryland Board Member;

  • Relevant expertise as a practitioner providing valued services to privately held businesses, their owners and/or managers;

  • A proven client base.

We hope that you will become an active member of our chapter and take advantage of the many benefits we offer as an organization.

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12 Good Reasons to Join!

  1. Become a better advisor – At XPX, you’ll gain a holistic understanding of the full life cycle of the privately-held business in our KX-Knowledge Exchange

  2. Learn from experts – XPX chapters host a variety of programs that include speakers, panels, roundtables and networking with experts in the private company market. 

  3. Learn from owners –XPX programming includes owners as speakers and special Owners Academy programs where owners share their business and life experiences.

  4. Be a market leader – XPX boards and committees are a great way to build trusted relationships and contribute the success of a local chapter.

  5. Raise your profile as an expert – XPX members are featured in our directory with links to LinkedIn and their own websites—and can share articles, blogs and videos in our KX-Knowledge Exchange

  6. Network with local experts – XPX chapters all sponsor power networking programs so you can meet and really get to know your fellow members.

  7. Find the right expert from another field – XPX has a diverse community. Find just the right expert to meet your needs in our Advisor Directory.

  8. Take advantage of special programming – Chapter activities include programs like affinity groups and board of advisors referral services.

  9. Annual Summit –XPX Boston holds an annual one-day Summit that attracts members from all the chapters.

  10. Certification and Tools – We expose our members to the best training, tools and certifications for the private company market via our Tool Directory.

  11. Raise your company’s profile – Sponsorship is a great way to get visibility in your local market and contribute to the XPX mission of supporting the owners of privately-held businesses.

  12. Stay in Touch –Our monthly newsletter provides a summary of the latest posts by our members and the calendar of upcoming events around our network.

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