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Exit Planning Exchange Southeast Michigan

Welcome to the XPX Southeast Michigan! We're really excited to launch in Detroit with other groups to soon follow in western and northern Michigan.  Our state has an incredible concentration of family- and privately-held businesses. So there is a real need for a high quality network for advisors to these businesses that provides both learning and relationships. 

We are actively recruiting co-founders and launch committee members. Feel free to contact Stephen Phipps  or Mark Crowley for more information. 

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About XPX

XPX is a multi-disciplinary community of professional advisors who work collaboratively to help owners build valuable businesses and assist them in preparing and executing a successful transition. Private company transitions require a broad view of the entire life cycle of a private company including:

  • Business value growth

  • Business value transfer

  • Owner life and legacy

Our community includes advisors and owners in all stages of this process. Our members have specific areas of expertise as well as a holistic understanding of the breadth of challenges an owner faces throughout the stages of the private company life cycle. This helps XPX members to work in the best interest of their clients.

We have a clear set of shared principles for advisor excellence. Each of the 12 professions involved in XPX has specific ethics and practice guidelines. Our members take this a step further, adhering to a set of principles that guide collaboration and long term thinking (see our five Advisor Principles)

We are unique in that we are the only open advisor network in the private company/business value transfer market. This means that we do not advocate a single approach or vendor. Instead, we endeavor to be a place where all advisors, owners and vendors can interact and collaborate. 

Each XPX Chapter is a locally-controlled non-profit organized by national and regional leaders in the private company market. The first XPX chapter was launched in Boston in 2007. Today, we have Chapters across the U.S., with more in development.  

The Chapters are supported by XPX Global, an entity that provides capital, intellectual property and administrative support to Chapter operations. This model takes care of the administrative tasks that are the bane of the boards of most professional organizations. It leaves to the Chapters the key tasks of events, membership and sponsorship—the most visible and high value activities for volunteers interested in an increased profile in the private company market. 

Additional information and resources are available at the Start a Chapter and XPX Startup Kit pages of this website. 

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