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The Exit Planning Exchange New York Chapter holds events in mid-town Manhattan. 

Our association events promote peer learning, networking and visibility for our members in the local private company advisor community.  Topics cover all three phases of the private company life cycle: business value growth, business value transfer and owner life and legacy. 

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Upcoming events

    • May 26, 2021
    • 10:50 AM - 11:30 AM (EDT)
    • Virtual at 11 AM EDT - you'll receive call-in instructions upon registering

    Virtual meeting at 11 AM ET

    Welcome to XPX!

    Please join us at this quick monthly web meeting with members from across the country and learn how to get the most out of your membership.

    You’ll learn:

    • Where to find the resources and information you need to be the best advisor
    • How to share content to increase your visibility in our community
    • How to maximize the effectiveness and visibility of your profile on our site
    • How to manage your profile, registrations and payments through the website

    Your guides will be Mary Adams, XPX Executive Director, and Angie Ellis, XPX Chapter Administrator.

    (We hold these meetings the fourth Wednesday of every month at 11 AM ET. If you can’t make this meeting, please let us know in the registration form and we’ll add you to next month’s meeting). Non-members welcome to listen in too!

    • June 02, 2021
    • ? - 9:00 AM (EDT)
    • Your Group Leader Will Reach Out to Set a Date / Time

    Your Group Leader Will Reach Out to Set a Date / Time


    XThe Cross-Chapter program is a supplement to local XPX Chapter power networking. Please visit your Chapter website for more information. Use this Cross-Chapter option if you want to meet members from other parts of the country. You are welcome to participate in both programs if you want. Here's how it works:

    XPX Members rely on each other for advice and connections. This program helps spark virtual conversations in our network.

    Here's how the Power Networking works:

    • We'll match you with a group of around five fellow members of from other XPX Chapters
    • We'll try to balance members from different professions (Accountant, Attorney, Banker, Wealth Advisor, Consultant, etc)
    • Your group can set the virtual meeting for any time in the morning, afternoon or over cocktails
    • Your only commitment is to meet with your group at least once during the month for at least an hour. If the group decides to meet more than once, all the better
    The Power of 5 is just one more way we fulfill the promise of XPX of powerful inter-disciplinary connections and learning. You might even find a great resource for your clients!

    When you register, let us know if you have an account to host video conferencing for your group for at least a full hour.

    Let me know if you have any question please email us

    • June 10, 2021
    • 9:15 AM - 11:00 AM (EDT)
    • Virtual - connection details will be sent upon registration

    Check back for program information.


    9:15 – 9:30 AM – Virtual Networking
    9:30 to 10:30 AM – Program
    10:30 – 11:00 AM - Optional Interpersonal Networking

    Virtual Event Pricing:

    $45.00 Same Day Registration
    $30.00 Regular Fee
    $25.00 Early Bird (through 6/7)

    Other XPX Chapter Members: $10.00

    XPX NY and Tri-State Members in good standing are complimentary, so join Today!



Past events

May 13, 2021 XPX New York: Critical Insights in Commercial Real Estate and the Intersection with Exit Planning
May 01, 2021 XPX Members - Cross-Chapter Signup deadline for member power networking
April 28, 2021 XPX Orientation
April 08, 2021 XPX New York: Managing Employee Risk as Your Company Pivots Back from COVID-19
March 24, 2021 XPX Emerging Professionals: When Advisors Collide
March 17, 2021 XPX Orientation
March 11, 2021 XPX New York: Quality of Earnings (QofE)
February 19, 2021 XPX DC Metro & New York Members Joint Power Networking Six Month Sessions
February 17, 2021 XPX Orientation
February 11, 2021 XPX New York: Recognizing and Responding to Liquidity Challenges
January 20, 2021 XPX Orientation
January 14, 2021 XPX New York & New Jersey Joint Event: Learnings From 2020 and the Pandemic – An XPX Community Sharing of Take-Aways
January 08, 2021 XPX Members - January Cross-Chapter Power Networking Options
January 01, 2021 XPX New York Members - January Session Power Networking
December 16, 2020 XPX Orientation
December 10, 2020 XPX New York: What Does Covid-19 Mean for Valuation in Your Community Heading Into 2021?
December 01, 2020 XPX New York Members - December Session Power Networking
December 01, 2020 XPX Members - December Cross-Chapter Power Networking
November 18, 2020 XPX Orientation
November 17, 2020 XPX Tri-State Post Election Deep Dive
November 01, 2020 XPX New York Members - November Session Power Networking
October 21, 2020 XPX Orientation
October 08, 2020 XPX New York: What Does Your Digital Brand Look Like Heading Into 2021?
October 01, 2020 XPX New York Members - October Session Power Networking
September 16, 2020 XPX Orientation
September 10, 2020 XPX New York Season Opening Doubleheader – Transacting M&A in the Fog of the Impending Election and Covid-19
September 01, 2020 XPX New York Members - September Session Power Networking
August 19, 2020 XPX Orientation
July 15, 2020 XPX Orientation
July 09, 2020 XPX New York: Federal and Multi-state Tax Update
July 01, 2020 XPX New York Members - July Session Power Networking
June 17, 2020 XPX Orientation
June 11, 2020 XPX New York: Alternative tax and real estate strategies
May 20, 2020 XPX Orientation
May 14, 2020 XPX New York: Positioning in a time of COVID
April 29, 2020 XPX Advisor Exchange - EBITDAC, Disruption and Hiring Remotely
April 23, 2020 Virtual XPX New York: Ownership Succession & the ESOP Value Proposition
April 22, 2020 XPX Advisor Exchange
April 15, 2020 XPX Advisor Exchange - Supply Chains, Presenting Remotely and Business Value
April 15, 2020 XPX New Member Orientation
April 08, 2020 XPX Advisor Exchange - How to have difficult conversations
April 01, 2020 XPX Advisor Exchange - M&A, Employment law, Healthcare, Courage
March 25, 2020 XPX Advisor Forum
March 18, 2020 Virtual Meeting on Virtual Meetings
March 18, 2020 XPX New Member Orientation
March 12, 2020 XPX New York: POSTPONED - Federal and Multi-state Tax Update
February 19, 2020 XPX New Member Orientation
February 13, 2020 XPX New York: Employee ownership as an Exit Plan
January 29, 2020 XPX TRI-STATE SUMMIT 2020 | NEW YORK CITY
January 15, 2020 XPX New Member Orientation
December 18, 2019 XPX New Member Orientation
December 12, 2019 XPX New York: Legacy and Charitable Planning
November 14, 2019 XPX New York: Pre-Transaction Planning: Key Considerations Ahead of a Sale
November 13, 2019 XPX New Member Orientation
October 10, 2019 XPX New York: Approaching the Sale – When family’s consider an exit transaction and the underlying dynamics at play
September 12, 2019 XPX New York: The PE Playbook – How Private Equity focuses on growth (Topline Sales, Bottom line Profit, & Acquisitions)
June 26, 2019 XPX New York - Networking Cocktail Reception
May 09, 2019 XPX New York - Cyber Insurance – Managing the Risk of Cybersecurity Breaches through Insurance
March 14, 2019 XPX New York - Why Your Clients Should Be Knowledgeable About Blockchain
February 14, 2019 XPX New York - Support and Services for Owners who have Sold their Business
January 10, 2019 XPX New York - The Tax Man Cometh - Selling Your Business in 2019
December 13, 2018 XPX New York - Recapitalization as an Alternative to Selling
November 08, 2018 XPX New York - Buy/Sell agreements
October 11, 2018 XPX New York - Current state of the M&A markets and financing options
September 13, 2018 XPX New York - Fall Kickoff with Cocktail Reception!
June 14, 2018 XPX New York - Perspectives from a Private Equity Investor
May 10, 2018 XPX New York - Corporate Image – How a branding tune up can revitalize your family business
April 19, 2018 XPX New York - Trust and Estate Planning: How Business Owners Can Keep What They Have Earned
March 08, 2018 XPX New York - Corporate Image – How a branding tune up can revitalize your family business
February 08, 2018 XPX New York - Management Review – Hire Family Members or Professional Managers?
January 11, 2018 XPX New York - Operational Efficiencies
January 09, 2018 XPX Tri-State Cocktail Networking Reception
December 14, 2017 XPX Tri-State - New York: Business Valuations: What is the business worth? And why?
November 09, 2017 XPX Tri-State: New York - Strategic Options Review:
October 12, 2017 XPX Tri-State: New York - Managing Family Dynamics - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
September 14, 2017 XPX Tri-State: New York Case Study Series & Breakfast
June 21, 2017 XPX Tri-State New York - Assessing Strategic Options:
May 17, 2017 XPX Tri-State New York-Good Fences Make Good Neighbors
April 19, 2017 XPX Tri-State New York: Defining Success
March 15, 2017 XPX Tri-State New York: Defining Success
February 15, 2017 XPX Tri-State New York: Operations
December 21, 2016 XPX Tri-State New York: Focus on Growth
November 17, 2016 XPX Tri-State New York: Managing Management
October 19, 2016 XPX Tri-State New York: Creating a Strategic Plan to Maximize Value
September 13, 2016 XPX Tri-State New York: Case Study Series & Luncheon
April 28, 2016 XPX NY Metro - The Private Capital Ecosystem
February 25, 2016 XPX NY Metro - The Importance of Revisiting The Benefits of ESOP’s To Business Owners
February 16, 2016 XPX NY Metro - Part 2: Our Advisor Network Matrix


TRI-State - Bronze

"At XPX, I find really great people network with, and I enjoy being able to prospect with a cadre of experienced and accomplished high level advisors, at one location, where you can learn about their expertise at a much deeper level People at XPX tend to be more worldly not only due to the nature of the M&A biz — but as they hail from multiple disciplines over their years of experience.

XPX differs from other networking learning orgs in that it maintains a heavy focus on education but also is a group where pure professionalism is weighed more highly than just prospecting, with experienced professionals looking to gain an understanding of what you do and how you do it as opposed to just making a sale.

I have developed multiple tax clients and projects, but more importantly I value the fantastic relationships that I know over time will not only produce lots of new business but enable me to confidently refer to others e.g., attorneys in the group — and enable me to look good when I recommend. I love going to XPX for the social side, for the power networking groups –one of mine splintered off into an ongoing mastermind group sharing business ideas and mindfully addressing challenges — and, of course, the learning."

— BOB COHEN - CPA, Wealth Planner, Expert in Taxation and M&A, Corporate Division & Reorganization, Partnerships, Retirement Planning

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