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10 Free Tickets Left-How Sell Your Business for Boat Load of Money! Meet Best Seller Michelle Tucker author of "EXIT RICH"

  • November 19, 2020 4:12 PM
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     November 20, 2020

    Time to Sign: 11:55 a.m. (Eastern Standard Time)

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    Click Here for Free Ticket: Michelle Tucker

    Businesses today are failing in record numbers. So if you’re forced to sell, how can you get what your business is worth? If your business is healthy, how can you start preparing now for an exit to secure your retirement? In EXIT RICH: The 6 P Method to Sell Your Business for Huge Profit (January 26, 2021; Fast Company Press) experts Michelle Seiler Tucker and Sharon Lechter provide a roadmap to build and package your business to attract a buyer, command the highest price, and secure your future.

    Unfortunately, eight out of ten businesses do not sell, for a multitude of reasons. This means most business owners will have to sell their business for pennies on the dollar, close their doors, and—even worse—file for bankruptcy and lose not only business assets, but personal assets too.
    EXIT RICH will help entrepreneurs avoid this fate and instead take their business to the next level by: 

    • Determining when and how to plan an exit strategy
    • Discovering why it is best to sell when a business is thriving
    • Building a business that works for you instead of you working for it.
    • Learning how to build a business that operates on all 6 cylinders, the ST6Ps; people, product, process, proprietary, patron, profit. Taking immediate steps for scaling and preparing a business for a profitable exit—even in a recession..
    • Objectively evaluating their business’s worth Maximizing the value and the sale price for their business
    • Learn how to generate a bidding war on the sale of your business Learning how to sell a business for the maximum profit
    • Avoiding the biggest mistakes that lead to unnecessary business failure.

    After reading Exit Rich, entrepreneurs will learn to evaluate and maximize the value of their business and sell it with the right timing at the ultimate price to secure their future.


    Michelle Seiler Tucker is the author of EXIT RICH: The 6 P Method to Sell Your Business for Huge Profit and the Founder and CEO of Seiler Tucker Incorporated. She has sold hundreds of businesses to date and currently owns and operates several successful businesses. She is a leading authority on buying, selling, and improving businesses, as well as increasing business revenue streams. She often posts about these topics on the company’s business blog.

    A formidable force in her industry, Michelle closes 98% of all offers she writes and, on average, obtains a 20 to 40% higher selling price for her clients. Her remarkable track record proves her persistence and dedication to creating win-win situations for both her buyers and sellers. Michelle is also the bestselling author of Think & Grow Rich Today and Sell Your Business for More Than it’s Worth, has appeared in Forbes, Inc., CNBC, and Fox Business and even started her own podcast called Exit Rich. She has also been a “celebrity judge” on “Pitch Tank” alongside Steve Forbes and Whole Foods CEO John Mackey.  She lives in New Orleans. 

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