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HOW MUCH?? What is This Project Going to Cost Me??

  • January 01, 2018 12:01 PM
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    If your company is contemplating new construction, congratulations!

    But after the emotional rush of envisioning a new headquarters or an expansion to your existing structure, you’ll obviously wonder: “How do I figure out this project’s budget?”

    You may not know the true cost of transforming your blueprints into dollars until after the project begins. That’s why Anchor Point Architecture practices the proactive art of cost modeling, also known as a conceptual estimate.

    A crucial element of any pre-build feasibility study:

    The conceptual estimate is an early education about total costs relative to your potential project. It can help you decide whether to move forward with construction, or, perhaps rethink the project’s scale and scope.

    • Anchor Point uses cost-estimating software that’s based on 1,500+ actual built projects, not national averages or simulations. This tool allows us to “drill down” to categorized costs
    This conceptual opinion of cost also hypothesizes how using less of (or even more of) certain building materials can help you reallocate your project dollars wisely. A lack of budgetary vision early on may lead to misunderstandings between you and your contractor as well as unanticipated overages during construction.

    Let’s face it…you need to manage your costs!

    Anchor Point customizes each conceptual estimate based on the client’s preliminary project specifications. Most architecture firms don’t offer conceptual estimates prior to final construction drawings. Additionally, our firm is unique among its local architectural peers: we’re physically involved from beginning to end with many of the projects we design.

    To learn more about Anchor Point’s feasibility study services, which include a cost-modeling process, please call Lee DiPrinzio, RA, PP at:  856-547-6414 or via email: lee@oneanchor.com.

    About Anchor Point Architecture, Inc.

    Our clients, CEO’s, Facility Managers and Investors are Building projects in the Industrial Fabrication, Corporate office and Real Estate Development Project Sectors. They find value in early Budgets, Planning approval assistance and Design that improves Branding and Employee increased productivity.

    Eliseo “Lee: DiPrinzio, RA, PP

    Senior Partner, Anchor Point Architecture, Inc.

    Audubon, NJ – Princeton – Philadelphia




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