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  • March 04, 2019 5:30 AM
    Message # 7197390

    Some might say that color is subjective – make it blue or green, makes no matter. Or if it's a dark blue or a light blue, as long as it's blue, it should be fine. Well, I'm here to tell you that colors do in fact matter, at least where branding is concerned.

    For most people, when they think of color, it comes up when they're working on their house. Maybe you moved into a new home and want to paint the walls. You know how that story goes...you go into your local hardware or paint store and it begins:

    • What color are you looking for?
    • What finish would you like - high gloss, satin, matte?
    • Are you painting over another color?
    • Are you planning to prime it first?

    What part of the house are you painting - a kitchen or a bedroom - as some walls may need to be cleaned more regularly?

    Then the frustration sets in, especially if your the guy or gal sent to the store with a list and no real project background (or interest) in the project. Add to that the fact that in different lights and time of day, the color will look completely different, which might mean yet another trip back to the paint store for another gallon of paint.  Continue reading....

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