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Human Side of Productivity in the Current Environment

  • March 05, 2019 9:11 AM
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    In his recent article “The Economy And Wages In 2019: What HR Can Do To Help”, Josh Bersin noted that “Employees around the world are working more hours, GDP is going up, but productivity (output per hour worked) is barely growing. Why is this? What my research shows is that digital technologies have not yet really improved our ability to get work done.”

    Productivity depends on many different factors: process design, availability of necessary input to produce the output, communication fallouts, duplicate work, new installations, etc.

    Here we will address the human side of productivity.  To be productive and continuously look for ways to improve productivity, people need to have the environment and tools and be motivated to do so.  This is about people’s intrinsic motivation to contribute and improve.   

    During changes and disruptions that we are seeing across all organizations, two overarching things happen:

    Read on to learn about the two conditions that impact productivity and what can be done about them>>>

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