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M&A + IT = Exponential gains

  • May 17, 2019 6:22 AM
    Message # 7346430

    Leveraging Technology - A Frequently Overlooked Opportunity to Increase Business Value

    Many of our Exit Planning Exchange (XPX) members are not only in the business of increasing business value for their own respective businesses, but also for others. Determining and optimizing business value is a key driver of success for organizations in the process of a merger or acquisition. 

    A frequently overlooked consideration in determining value is the efficiency and optimization of Information Technology (IT).

    For many non-technology professionals, IT can be mysterious, or perceived as a low level (non-strategic) aspect of the business.  Furthermore, IT could be merely regarded as a cost center, and a lower priority in the valuation process.

    Information Technology is vital to both helping grow top line business revenue and driving bottom line profitability. Technology streamlines operations and increases staff productivity across the organization, while minimizing risk to the business.  IT is an essential tool to maximize EBITDA, and therefore able to increase an M&A multiple.  Click on the attached file to continue reading....

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