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  • July 28, 2020 1:08 PM
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    Water Street Insights           

    Success Matters

    Water Street Advisors LLC  |  270 E Highland Avenue, #616 Milwaukee WI 53202  |

    JULY 2020 | SHOWING UP

    One of the basic ingredients that we all have been taught at one time or another is that a big contributor to your success in business and in other areas of life is simply showing up.  Being timely, prompt, and following through with your promises can all fall under the heading of ‘showing up’.  In these current times, showing up has taken on a new meaning.  Technology and the rapid and needed adoption of it by many forced to work from home during this time has made it somewhat easier to show up.  Some may think that showing up in person will become a thing of the past.  I recently read about a new cooking robot being introduced and rolled out in White Castle kitchens called Flippy the French Fry Robot (although I am not sure whether I would want to be working next to a robot called ‘Flippy’ when it is handling a basket of hot food from the deep fryer).  Flippy always will show up for work, ready to flip fries and burgers and Flippy will not take vacations or call in sick.  Will they need a human being to show up to cook in the future?  Please click on the attached pdf file to continue reading.

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