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The videos here were produced by XPX Chapters, Members and Sponsors. 

Many of the Chapter videos also link to full-length programs for business owners and their advisors. For information on accessing the full-length programs click here.

Members: Have a video to share? Send the info to our Chapter Administrator, Angie Ellis, and we'll load it for you. Include a synopsis to increase the video search-ability!

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  • May 13, 2021 11:11 AM | Cheryl Centeno (Administrator)

    Program produced by XPX Long Island.

    XPX long island case study part 5:

    Defining success- what is it you really want from an exit?

    The owners of HiTech, our case study company, are looking for ways to create additional value in their business in pursuit of a profitable exit. Transforming their operations will be a key driver of their ability to grow revenue, increase margins, and create a more sustainable company. By using operations as a driver of growth rather than a cost center, HiTech can make both their current business and their future roadmap more appealing to strategic and private equity buyers.

    We will discuss how to transform HiTech's operations from a successful small business to a scalable, sustainable, and more profitable company. We will look at how to evaluate the maturity of their operations and systems, identify priorities for investment, and look at how to improve their management structure so they can successfully execute these changes. In doing so, we will see how operations can support (or hinder) other areas of focus including strategic planning and sales, and how embracing a digital mindset will allow them to both improve execution and portray HiTech as a forward-looking company with a clear niche in the modern economy.


    Our Speakers:

    Max Haspel, Co-President & Senior Advisor - Colony Business Owner Services

    Max is the Co-President of Colony Business Owner Services and a Senior Wealth Advisor. With over 25 years of experience, Max leads Colony’s national Business Owner Services practice and its Long Island-based team in serving the needs of successful entrepreneurs and their families. He and his team specialize in advising business owners on exit planning by helping prepare owners, their businesses, and their families for success during and after the transition. Max founded, grew and ultimately exited a business, and has experience in business exits both as an advisor and entrepreneur.

    Marshall Rowe, Co-President - Colony Business Owner Services

    Marshall Rowe has 30+ years’ experience advising clients, which he brings to his role as Co-President of Colony Business Owner Services. He has authored numerous articles and frequently speaks on business transitions, risk management, and private foundation portfolio design.

  • May 10, 2021 12:19 PM | Cheryl Centeno (Administrator)

    Program produced by XPX Chicago.

    The Legal Basics of an M&A Transaction

    Markus May will provide a broad overview of what happens in selling or buying a business so that non-lawyers will be better able to help their clients navigate the process. This fast paced presentation will cover things such as the purpose of a letter of intent, stock vs. asset deals, the basic sections of the sales agreement and how they work together, and many other issues related to the mergers and acquisitions process.

    Our Speaker:

    Markus May
    May Law Firm LLC
    400 E. Diehl Road, Suite 310
    Naperville, IL 60563

    Markus May is the principal attorney of May Law Firm LLC. which serves business clients throughout the Chicago area. He is a client focused business attorney with knowledge in a broad range of industries. As a mergers and acquisitions attorney he has represented numerous clients with respect to business sales and purchases. Mr. May also acts as general outside business counsel to small midmarket companies where he helps them solve business related legal problems. As a transactional attorney he often drafts shareholder agreements, operating agreements, distribution and manufacturing agreements, leases, supplier and customer agreements, and numerous other contracts and documents for businesses.

  • April 27, 2021 9:17 PM | Cheryl Centeno (Administrator)

    Program produced by XPX New England.

    Getting Comfortable with Virtual Communication:

    Connecting with Your Clients

    Better Than Face to Face

    Get comfortable on screen communicating your brand and pitch in an authentic way with this month’s XPX New England webinar “Getting Comfortable with Virtual Communication” where Clark Merrill of Dale Carnegie will review tips and tricks for virtual presentations, and networking best practices that we will put into action during the event. A great event for business owners and advisors alike.

    Our Speaker:

    Clark Merril of Dale Carnegie

  • April 27, 2021 8:56 PM | Cheryl Centeno (Administrator)

    Program produced by XPX Fairfield County and XPX Hartford.

    How to Emotionally Prepare Key Stakeholders for a Successful Transition

    People always have mixed feelings about change. When negative feelings are not surfaced and addressed in a systematic way, they often assert themselves exactly when they stand to do the most damage, at the closing.

    Thoughtful exit planners do well to find ways to address the needs and concerns of all individuals and groups affected by an exit or business transition.

    Our panelists will explore with us how to:

    • Anticipate common hopes, concerns, feelings, and cognitive biases associated with exits
    • Prepare the owner/s early on, so things go smoothly later
    • Support the family, the leadership team, and the rest of the workforce
    • Collaborate with experts in change management

    Join us for this insightful conversation.

    Our Moderator:

    John Weidner
    Managing Partner
    Cornell Global LLC

    John is Founder and Managing Partner of Cornell Global LLC, a Human Capital Strategy Consulting firm. Working with various sized companies across various industry sectors, John strives to drive increased company valuation through leadership development, talent acquisition and innovative people focused programs and processes. John’s corporate career included progressively responsible positions with Price Waterhouse, Bankers Trust, E. F. Hutton, Chemical Bank and later G.E. Capital. Since leaving corporate, John has founded three management and career coaching consulting firms; Cornell Global LLC, Pierway Associates LLC and Heroes in Transition.

    John attained his Masters Degree from Boston University and a Bachelors Degree from Westminster College.

    Our Panel:

    Paul Edelman, PhD
    Executive Coach and Family Wealth Consultant
    Edelman & Associates

    Paul works with exit-planning professionals and business owners to prepare the owners, their companies, and their families to navigate challenging business, family, and wealth transitions. Advisors and their clients benefit from higher valuations, smoother deal-making, and better post-deal outcomes.

    Charles “Chuck” Presbury 
    Executive Coach & Business Advisor
    Presbury & Associates 

    Chuck has served as an expert internal and external executive coach/ business advisor for more than 30 years. He solves performance problems by bringing the clarity and alignment between the business strategy, leadership practices and organizational culture needed to drive it. His firm provides services such as talent assessments, succession planning, executive coaching, team coaching and conflict resolution.   

    Chuck received his BA from Holy Cross College and his MS from Columbia University.

  • April 26, 2021 10:52 PM | Cheryl Centeno (Administrator)

    Program produced by XPX New Jersey.

    When SPACs Attack

    The New Jersey chapter is excited to continue our programming year with another thoughtful and insightful meeting. Our chapter is growing and welcoming professional advisors who help business owners plan for a successful exit. As we continue to examine many of the different planning considerations and decisions an owner needs to face, our members participate in this interactive discussion. We welcome your attendance at our next meeting.

    Not a week goes by without another announcement about new SPAC's (Special Purpose Acquisition Companies), ranging from those focused on initial launch to IPO to portfolio acquisitions. It is happening and happening very fast. What opportunity is presented to the business owner that was not available before? How can owners and their advisors participate in this market entry position and how do they really work? Finally, what are the pitfalls to the SPAC euphoria?

    At this month’s discussion we will hear insight from Sean Denham, Partner from Grant Thornton. Sean is the National Special Acquisition Company Leader for Grant Thornton. Locally, Sean is the Office Managing Partner (OMP) for Grant Thornton’s Philadelphia office. As OMP, Sean has the privilege of leading an exceptional team of high-performing individuals in the Philadelphia region who provide top tier accounting, advisory and tax services for our clients. As an audit partner of the firm, Sean serves some of Grant Thornton’s most prominent clients including public and private companies in the professional services industries.

    This highly interactive session will allow for participation by attendees in a collaborative format. As an association of experienced advisory professionals for business owners and their companies, we are all focused on delivering the highest level of subject matter expertise to our clients and we would value your expertise and insights. We invite you to join us for this exciting event and for the entire series this year! Please register for this highly informative event. Final information for the Zoom webinar will be sent to all of those registered.

    Our Speaker:

    Sean Denham, Office Managing Partner (OMP) - Grant Thornton’s Philadelphia Office

    Sean Denham is the National Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) Leader, as well as, the Global and US Services Industry Leader. Locally, Sean is the Office Managing Partner (OMP) for Grant Thornton’s Philadelphia office. As OMP, Sean has the privilege of leading an exceptional team of high-performing individuals in the Philadelphia region who provide top tier accounting, advisory and tax services for our clients. As an audit partner of the firm, Sean serves some of Grant Thornton’s most prominent clients including public and private companies in the professional services industries.

    Sean is a Certified Public Accountant and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from Lehigh University.

  • April 26, 2021 10:36 PM | Cheryl Centeno (Administrator)
    Program produced by XPX Triangle.

    Case Study: Negotiating Strategies- How Can I Get What I Want and Need?

    Join us for a very special session featuring experienced negotiator and Triangle XPX member Diego Munoz.

    Not only does Diego lend his master negation skills to his clients at KW Commercial on, he also shares his expertise and teaches sessions and workshops on negotiation.

    As an association of seasoned advisory professionals for business owners and their companies, we are call focused on delivering the highest level of subject matter expertise to our clients. However, none of us can work in a vacuum; each of us are part of a collective team effort that has to encompass a holistic approach to our clients and their needs. Each client is unique, as are the facts and circumstances surrounding each of our engagements. As a result͕ there are no standardized answers or ͚cookie-cutter͛ solutions.

    With this in mind, XPX has attempted to create a "typical͛" case of a business owner and some (but certainly not all) of the issues that the owner is facing. We will be using this as our ͚client͛ for the year and will be building upon this case for each XPX event this year. Each event will focus on our ͚client͛ so that there is consistency and continuity in the preparation process throughout the year. Below is our tentative schedule of events͕ each of which build upon the prior event͕ each with a focus on our "client͛".


    Our Presenter:

    Diego Muñoz, Commercial Realtor- KWommercial/

  • April 26, 2021 10:27 PM | Cheryl Centeno (Administrator)

    Program produced by XPX Maryland.

    Strategic Workplace Transition: A Psychological and Tactical Perspective

    Join us for a deep dive into issues business owners will be navigating as employees return to the office. Laena Capps, Executive Director of HR at Capital Services, and Litsa Williams, Co-Founder at What’s Your Grief, will cover operational and psychological concepts our clients will need to consider.

    Topics will include:

    • Concerns of fully going back to work from the employee perspective
    • Internal Policies, schedules and resources for remote work to reconsider
    • Understanding and applying strategies to address anxiety and intolerance of uncertainty in employees. 
    • Adapting workplace processes and culture to address shifts in employee values and work-styles during this period of workplace recovery and reconnection.

    Our Speakers:

    Laena Capps, Executive Director of HR at Capital Services
    Litsa Williams, Co-Founder at What’s Your Grief

  • April 26, 2021 10:05 PM | Cheryl Centeno (Administrator)

    Program produced by XPX Atlanta.

    Personal Financial and Estate Planning Prior to Selling

    Our "owner" Sam McGraw's marital harmony has just tanked upon confessing the business is not going to net what he and his wife “need” for retirement. Enter the personal wealth and estate planning gurus to collaborate and explore financial realities and realistic options for a successful exit that achieves their retirement goals.  Missed any episodes of our 2021 Case Study? Catch up here:

    Our MC:

    Barry Selvidge, Partner - Newport LLC

    With over 30 years of experience as a founder, operator and chief legal officer for public and private companies, Barry provides wise and trusted counsel to his business owner clients. A veteran business and legal advisor who has walked in his clients’ shoes, Barry’s unique combination of entrepreneurial, corporate and M&A experience helps early stage and middle market companies accelerate growth and prepare for exit.

    Our Panel:

    Ritesh Patel, Member - Pollock, Merlin & Turner

    Ritesh “Tesh” Patel practices in the area of estate planning and trusts and foundations. Tesh helps families and individuals with trust formation, implementing sophisticated estate and gift tax saving techniques, lifetime gifting, charitable planning, incapacity planning, intra-family transactions, and post-mortem trust and probate administration. He regularly provides counsel to multiple generations of families, working alongside their teams of trusted advisors to develop tax efficient and long-term planning strategies to facilitate the family’s ultimate wealth planning goals.

    Angie Rehkop, ChFC, CFP - Financial Care Providers

    Angie’s practice is founded with one simple, yet essential, goal in mind: to design financial plans that take care of the wealth and well-being of her clients. Grounded by two decades of financial planning, she carefully tends to the financial future of individuals, families and business owners. With smooth precision, Angie designs custom financial strategies, simplifies processes so you can make informed decisions, and coordinates with CPAs and attorneys so nothing falls through the cracks. She holds seven licenses and registrations, as well as two certifications: Chartered Financial Consultant and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional and received the Five Star Wealth Manager Award for Best In Client Satisfaction in 2012-2020.

  • April 26, 2021 9:54 PM | Cheryl Centeno (Administrator)

    Program produced by XPX New York.

    Managing Employee Risk as Your Company Pivots Back from COVID-19

    Businesses now face uncertainty and new risks as they apply the "new rules" developed during COVID-19 of managing employees and operations. We will discuss current challenges and provide practical advice about managing these issues, led by Christopher Santomassimo, an experienced Outside General Counsel and Partner from Santomassimo Davis LLP.

    Our Speaker:

    Christopher Santomassimo, Partner – Santomassimo Davis LLP | Outside General Counsel Solutions

    Chris is a senior business-oriented General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, who assists companies with a wide range of legal and business issues to manage the risk of their operations. His firm’s Outside General Counsel™ practice covers a broad spectrum of concerns facing business clients on a daily basis, such as employment counseling and defending companies against employment claims; ethics and compliance counseling; corporate investigations; advising company executives on business and legal issues; and all types of corporate transactions, to name a few.

    Chris’s focus is delivering strategic and cost-effective counseling to business clients, including several U.S. subsidiaries of global companies headquartered outside the United States.

  • April 19, 2021 3:22 PM | Mary Adams (Administrator)

    Program produced by XPX DC Metro

    In order to prepare for what is usually the single most critically important financial and emotional decision of a business owner's life, the transition out of their company, you must start somewhere. How then, does an owner prepare for an event that is the measure of his or her life's work? Planning an exit is like taking a journey; except that this journey may determine the quality of the rest of a business owner's life. You must start somewhere! Elizabeth Mower , President of BEI will explain the beginning part of the journey which is, the importance of an owner based financial plan that identifies the owners, goals, criteria, hurdles, and gaps to achieve their vision of their ideal future.

    Our Speaker:

    Elizabeth Mower, President of BEI

    As President of BEI, Elizabeth leads a specialized team in the development of software, tools and resources that enable professionals in a variety of disciplines to work with business owners to design and implement customized, comprehensive plans for the future. Before joining BEI, Elizabeth was a practicing business planning attorney with the Denver law firm of Minor & Brown. During her time in private practice, Elizabeth represented clients in the areas of Exit Planning for business owners, business growth and continuity planning, business ownership transition planning, employee incentive planning, and the purchase and sale of business interests.

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