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The Exit Planning Exchange Philadelphia Chapter is a local nonprofit association of advisors who provide professionalism, collaboration and principles to the heart of the middle market. Our members work with business owners in all stages of the private company life cycle: business value growth, business value transfer, and owner life and legacy.

XPX provides a unique combination of:

          • RESOURCES
          • VISIBIILITY 
          • PRINCIPLES

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XPX provides great networking with people who share. There are no territorial issues, cooperation is encouraged. Panels include real life success stories (and failures) from business owners that make it real. My firm has sourced several Business Valuations and Tangible Asset Appraisals in support of other member activities.

Tom Gudowicz, EAC Valuations

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If you are an advisor to owners and managers of companies in the lower middle market, XPX can be a powerful learning network for you! Our members represent twelve different professions but share core principles of collaboration, putting the client first, thinking long term, considering the human angle and continuous learning. Learn more about our membership benefits and options.

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Member Professions

Our diverse membership includes:

AttorneysM&A Intermediaries 
ConsultantsVirtual Managers 
Insurance providersWealth Planners

XPX Advisor Principles

We are united by shared principles:

  1. Work collaboratively
  2. Put the client first
  3. Think long term
  4. Consider the human angle
  5. Always be learning

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