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We're just getting started but look forward to creating a vibrant community of advisors to privately-held businesses in the San Antonio area. 

Upcoming events

San Antonio Launch Event

XPX San Antonio launched their first event on September 28, 2017 at The Petroleum Club, in San Antonio, Texas. This event was attended by professionals in the San Antonio area who serve the business owner community. The program included speaker Michael Girdley, of the Geekdom Fund.

XPX San Antonio Board Members
Hector Frietze, Daniel Kearns, Jake McCloy, Jill Dietz and John Dini

John Dini, XPX San Antonio President

New Association Launch is a Major Success

A new professional organization, the Exit Planning Exchange, had the official launch of its new SanAntonio chapter this morning. Over 70 advisors from the financial, legal and transaction communities were in attendance at the Petroleum Club.

The Exit Planning Exchange, or XPX, is a multispecialty organization for professionals who work with business owners. Unlike most such organizations, it is organized around the clients and the concept of cooperative working groups. Successfully exiting a company is complex, and requires coordination between multiple disciplines.

XPX fills a need by giving advisors an opportunity to better understand the skills of their colleagues, and how each team member’s work impacts the others.

The speaker for the meeting was Michael Girdley, Co-Chair of the Geekdom Fund. Everyone was very excited to learn more about how the infrastructure to support tech start-ups is positively impacting all of San Antonio.

The inaugural Chairperson of XPX, John F. Dini of MPN Incorporated, informed the audience that the generosity of the Founding Sponsors would allow qualified members who join before then end of this year to enjoy 12 months of paid dues. He invited practitioners, including those wishing to learn more about exit planning, to join during the free membership period.

SA Contacts:       John F. Dini, Chairman                   Jill Dietz, Membership Chair

                                MPN Incorporated                          Bank of San Antonio

                                jdini@MPNinc.com                         jill.dietz@thebankofsa.com

                                (210) 615-1800                                   (210) 424-8717

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XPX is a unique multi-disciplinary community of professional advisors who work collaboratively to help owners build valuable businesses and assist them in preparing and executing a successful transition.

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