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The Exit Planning Exchange San Antonio Chapter holds events throughout the Greater San Antonio area. 

Our association events promote peer learning, networking and visibility for our members in the local private company advisor community.  Topics cover all three phases of the private company life cycle: business value growth, business value transfer and owner life and legacy. 

Upcoming events

    • October 01, 2020
    • 4:00 PM (EDT)
    • Sign up for this virtual program by the first of the month

    October Power Networking
    The program runs all month
    Deadline to sign up is October 01, 2020 at 4:00 PM EDT

    XPX Members rely on each other for advice and connections. This program helps spark virtual conversations in our network.

    Here's how the Power Networking works:

    • We'll match you with a group of around five fellow members of your XPX Chapter
    • We'll try to balance members from different professions (Accountant, Attorney, Banker, Wealth Advisor, Consultant, etc)
    • Your group can set the virtual meeting for any time in the morning, afternoon or over cocktails
    • Your only commitment is to meet with your group at least once during the month for at least an hour. If the group decides to meet more than once, all the better
    These groups will help us all to get to know one another, discuss the client issues we are encountering, and collectively, perhaps, come to some solutions for a client.

    Suggested discussion topics this month include: 

    • How you are adapting your work processes to current conditions
    • Trends you are seeing as your clients and the economy open up
    • Stories about the best/worst/most inspiring situations you've experienced this month

    The Power of 5 is just one more way we fulfill the promise of XPX of powerful inter-disciplinary connections and learning. You might even find a great resource for your clients!

    When you register, let us know if you have an account to host video conferencing for your group for at least a full hour.

    Let me know if you have any question please email me,

    Steven Bankler, President

    Cross-Chapter Program also available for those who are interested
    • October 05, 2020
    • 4:00 PM (UTC-06:00)
    • October 08, 2020
    • (UTC-06:00)
    • Virtual event at 4 PM CT, login sent daily



    Four day virtual event

    October 5 - 8 at 4 PM

    Join us for this special event designed with business owners and their advisors in mind!

    Sooner or later, every owner exits his or her business. Planning allows you to control the time frame, method and proceeds of your transition. If you want to maximize your results and minimize your headaches, take advantage of this once-a-year event! Expert speakers and panels will discuss when family and business don’t mix, preparing your business for a buyer and planning for your personal liquidity event.

    This all-virtual event will include the popular “Tales from the Trenches”. Every panel will include experiences and insights from business owners who took successful exit paths, why they chose the method they did, what went right and what went wrong.

    If you plan to sell your business, whether to family, employees or a third party, your first step should be learning how the process works. Space is limited for this event.


    MONDAY PANEL 4 to 5:30 PM CDT

    Valuations & financing problems during the pandemic

    Carolyn Smith, Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy, Senior Partner - C3Financial
    Kim Ford, CPA - theKFORDgroup
    Jim Park, ASA - Munroe, Park, & Johnson, Inc.
    Robert Potter, Executive Vice President, Lone Star Capital Bank

    Program will include a presentation, interactive round table discussions and networking with other attendees.


    TUESDAY PANEL 4 to 5:30 PM CDT

    Exit planning and implementation to 3rd parties during the pandemic 

    Kelly Foster, Attorney - Gardner Law Firm
    Tim Geppart, CFO - Vaco
    Bill Roberts, CEO - T&D Moravits & Co.
    John Wright, CPA - RSM, LLC

    Program will include a presentation, interactive round table discussions and networking with other attendees.


    Exit planning and implementation to inside parties during the pandemic

    John Dini, CMBA, CExP, CEPA - MPN, Inc.
    Steven Bankler, CPA -Steven Bankler CPA, Ltd
    Jeremy Calvert, CEO - Vighter, LLC
    Andrew Jett, President - Meritec Services
    James Rosenblatt, Attorney - Rosenblatt Law Firm

    Program will include a presentation, interactive round table discussions and networking with other attendees.


    M&A Communication Strategies in a Pandemic World

    Key Note Speaker:

    Leslie Komet Ausburn, President/CEO -  Komet Marketing Communications

    Program will include a presentation, interactive round table discussions and networking with other attendees.

    Registration before September 28 includes a free cocktail party package and a Summit web profile to enable you to interact with other attendees.

    Cost:  Members: $100 · Non-members $150

    Sponsor guests, please use code for complimentary registration

    Thank you to our SPONSORS!

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    • October 21, 2020
    • 10:50 AM - 11:30 AM (EDT)
    • Virtual at 11 AM EDT - you'll receive call-in instructions upon registering

    Virtual meeting at 11 AM ET

    Welcome to XPX!

    Please join us at this quick monthly web meeting with members from across the country and learn how to get the most out of your membership.

    You’ll learn:

    • Where to find the resources and information you need to be the best advisor
    • How to share content to increase your visibility in our community
    • How to maximize the effectiveness and visibility of your profile on our site
    • How to manage your profile, registrations and payments through the website

    Your guides will be Mary Adams, XPX Executive Director, and Angie Ellis, XPX Chapter Administrator.

    (We hold these meetings the third Wednesday of every month at 11 AM ET. If you can’t make this meeting, please let us know in the registration form and we’ll add you to next month’s meeting). Non-members welcome to listen in too!

Past events

September 16, 2020 XPX Orientation
September 01, 2020 XPX San Antonio Members - September Session Power Networking
August 20, 2020 XPX San Antonio - August membership meeting and Summit Preview!
August 19, 2020 XPX Orientation
August 01, 2020 XPX San Antonio Members - August Session Power Networking
July 15, 2020 XPX Orientation
July 01, 2020 XPX San Antonio Members - July Session Power Networking
June 17, 2020 XPX Orientation
June 03, 2020 XPX San Antonio - PPP Round Table Continued
May 22, 2020 PPP Roundtable
May 21, 2020 XPX San Antonio - A VIRTUAL EVENT! - Smooth Transitions
May 20, 2020 XPX Orientation
April 29, 2020 XPX Advisor Exchange - EBITDAC, Disruption and Hiring Remotely
April 22, 2020 XPX Advisor Exchange
April 15, 2020 XPX Advisor Exchange - Supply Chains, Presenting Remotely and Business Value
April 15, 2020 XPX New Member Orientation
April 08, 2020 XPX Advisor Exchange - How to have difficult conversations
April 01, 2020 XPX Advisor Exchange - M&A, Employment law, Healthcare, Courage
March 25, 2020 XPX Advisor Forum
March 19, 2020 XPX San Antonio - POSTPONED Smooth Transitions: Building a Communications Plan before Your Merger or Acquisition
March 18, 2020 Virtual Meeting on Virtual Meetings
March 18, 2020 XPX New Member Orientation
February 19, 2020 XPX New Member Orientation
January 16, 2020 XPX San Antonio: Post-closing disputes: Key issues and how to avoid them
January 15, 2020 XPX New Member Orientation
December 18, 2019 XPX New Member Orientation
November 21, 2019 XPX San Antonio: 3 Cybersecurity Do's & Don'ts if you Plan to Sell Your Business
November 13, 2019 XPX New Member Orientation
October 10, 2019 XPX San Antonio: 2nd Annual Summit
September 19, 2019 XPX San Antonio: The Five Ways to Identify and Protect Intellectual Property Assets
July 11, 2019 XPX San Antonio: Summer Program & Networking Event
May 16, 2019 XPX San Antonio: Continuing the Family Legacy with Multigenerational Business Owners
March 21, 2019 XPX San Antonio: ESOP’s Aren’t for Everyone, but They May be Right for You.
January 17, 2019 XPX San Antonio: Family Transition in a Growing Business - Handing Off and Getting Out of the Way
November 15, 2018 XPX San Antonio: Intergenerational Transfer – Both Sides
September 20, 2018 XPX San Antonio: ANNUAL Summit for Business Owners & Advisors
May 17, 2018 XPX San Antonio: Case Study Part 2 – Legal and Tax Issues
March 22, 2018 XPX San Antonio: Case Study Part 1 – Valuation
January 18, 2018 XPX San Antonio: An Insider’s View of NAFTA Negotiations
November 16, 2017 XPX San Antonio Speed Networking
September 28, 2017 XPX San Antonio Launch Event

Chapter Events

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The most valuable part of my participation with XPX is the education about exit planning that I have received from attending meetings and from all the members. XPX is a very approachable group. Everyone is willing and interested in an exchange of ideas. I especially like the Power of Three which enables you to get to know other members better.

Dick Albu, Albu Consulting LLC

I really enjoy the small group interactions at XPX which is different from other organizations. I have also received an engagement from a XPX member.

Alan Booth, Executive Leadership Advisor

XPX offers excellent content based seminars specifically geared towards professionals focusing on the sale or transition of a business. The diverse topics and membership provide strong networking opportunities. Both the targeted content and diverse membership, focusing on bringing advisors together as a team to help the client, help XPX stand out from other organizations.

Michael Clear, Wiggin and Dana

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