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The leaders of the Exit Planning Exchange South Florida Chapter include prominent professionals in the local market. 

The board supports the Chapter’s work to build a focused, strong community of the best advisors to privately-held businesses. The primary activities of the local board are programming, membership and sponsorship. Feel free to contact any of these leaders or our Administrator to get more involved in our Chapter!

Executive Committee

Charles Faron, Director & President

Rana Gorzeck, Director & Vice President

Mike Sluka, Director & Treasurer

Doron Abrahami, Director

Jeffrey Brenner, Director

Ethan Grossman, Director

Bob Kawabe, Director

Erik Perlman, Director

Adriana Puente, Director

Magda Waszkiewicz, Director

Committee Chairs

Doron Abrahami, Marketing

Jeffrey Brenner, Sponsorship Chair

Susan Commander Samakow, Content Committee Co-Chair

Erik Perlman, Content Committee Co-Chair

Lenny Sklawer, Membership Co-Chair

Bob Kawabe, Membership Co-Chair

Magda Waszkiewicz, Event Development Chair

David Weinstein, Event Development Co-Chair

Chapter Events

Founding Sponsors


The most valuable part of my participation with XPX is the education about exit planning that I have received from attending meetings and from all the members. XPX is a very approachable group. Everyone is willing and interested in an exchange of ideas. I especially like the Power of Three which enables you to get to know other members better.

Dick Albu, Albu Consulting LLC

I really enjoy the small group interactions at XPX which is different from other organizations. I have also received an engagement from a XPX member.

Alan Booth, Executive Leadership Advisor

XPX offers excellent content based seminars specifically geared towards professionals focusing on the sale or transition of a business. The diverse topics and membership provide strong networking opportunities. Both the targeted content and diverse membership, focusing on bringing advisors together as a team to help the client, help XPX stand out from other organizations.

Michael Clear, Wiggin and Dana

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