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Zoom Meeting Tips

At XPX, we use the Zoom platform for many kinds of meetings from informal networking to formal web broadcasts. Here are a couple tips to help you:

basic use of the platform

Key controls are in the bottom of the Zoom window. If you don't see the menu, move your cursor to the bottom of the page and this menu will pop up:

Sound - Microphone icon to mute/unmute – if you’re on a phone *6 to mute/unmute

Video – Camera icon to turn camera on/off. Use the small arrow next to the icon to change your system setup.

Open Chat - We suggest opening chat and using it in the main meeting to share ideas, resources and questions

Private Chat – You can also reach out to someone individually to connect (we can also connect you later too)

Participants – You can access buttons to raise your hand and more

Breakout Sessions

If your meeting is using breakout sessions, you will be put in a small group with other attendees at the meeting.

A Breakout Room looks and works like the main Zoom meetings. But here are a few special features:

Ask for Help - You can message the platform moderator for questions

Chat - As in the full meetings, you can chat with other participants. * Note that this chat does not go to the broader group and is deleted when the breakout closes

Leave Breakout Group - You can always leave the room and return to the main meeting area

Note that when the session is ending, you'll receive a warning so you can wrap up your discussions. 

Connecting to Zoom using your phone audio

The ideal way to join a virtual meeting is through a computer or the Zoom application on your phone (download the app first to ease your login at meeting time.

However, Zoom does allow you to join the audio for a meeting using your telephone. There are two options here:

  1. Video on computer and Audio on Phone - To do this, connect on your computer first. and then choose to connect to audio using your phone. You can also switch by clicking on the little arrow next to the microphone icon and choosing "Switch to phone." A key thing to know here is to enter your participant ID so that your phone and screen will be connected. Using your participant ID is critical if your meeting will include breakouts (otherwise, there will be a ghost screen in another room with your name on it!)
  2. Audio on Phone Only - This is the least desirable option as you will not be able to see the shared screen or the videos of the other participants.  But it's a great option in a pinch or when you are driving and can't watch a screen (make sure to use hands free!)

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